My name Is Jazz…



My blog number 4

When I was 17 and a bit I was carping

myself because I was soon tearning 18. I was very skid because I thort I was going to bee chuck out off my mums house.

my brother was coming up to bee twenty and he was moving out of his house next door. I was skid and rally jealous so I said to my mum can I move up their. she had a thinking face on.

I was skid. why? because I was thinking to my self I’m I just saying that because I’m trying to bee tuff or to mack me look better than him and to mack him fell jealous because of what he did to my (wich I will tell  a nether day) but I kept on thinking then I throat all of the good things about it like havering my two most wonderful dogs in the would.

I was have a day dream about been free and wild and then the hobibail bits like I’m not a kid eny more. will mum think I hate her for moving on? will I still  be her little girl?

So I siad to my self go go go do it.

wen it was a cupel of days before my 18th bd I went to Ibiza with all of my friends. when it was my bd i got a key to my new house from mum and I was carping my self but full of joy.

when we got back from hour holidays I could nit what to bee in my house so time was goin to slow for my likening.

when my brother was moving out i was going up their  slowly making it mine. Then one day I was  there with my new  support worker and my mums very close friend Claudia. we had tea and did some maths and I said I’m going to have a bath. mum came and they said  I think jazz wonts to stay over is that okay? The resen way thay said that is because we tryd a time before.

mum came and knock on the bath room door and she said are u coming home?

I said is it okay if I try to stay ageing so she said are u saw? so I came down stayers and rote rules down.

I woke up the next morning and neely wet my self. mum came up and I said hello. They had trayning so we got people from a agency to help me.

we went to see the brave film. I loved it so when I got back I wonted to stay at mine ageing so I did and thats why my mum calls me brave bear.

One  of the people from the agency is working with us guys now as my  support worker and still after 7 moths I still hate it when mums gos back to her house with the cats and her very good friend.

but my mums good friend works with me as my support worker and we also got one more she is like my sister and my best fiend to.

but as the time goes on it much easer to let mum go.

then one day me and Claudia went to the landlord to sing the the lease it was the prowdist mont I felt for a long time

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4 thoughts on “My name Is Jazz…

  1. Awesome post, I love reading your story and your feelings about your life. I think you’ve done amazingly well to settle into your own home and be more independent. Keep up the great work and keep writing. x

  2. It’s really great to hear your thoughts, feelings and views Jazz. Thank you for linking up to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

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