Faith Hope and Charity




With the Spring comes hope and faith. I always, without fail, get that giddy feeling that all is well and that fun is close ahead. To me it’s the real New Year.
It’s a time for new beginnings and a reflection on all that has been digested during the cold times of hibernation.
Who could be entirely glum or disheartened in the face of daffodils, the blue sky and new born lambs.

This past year has contained the hardest of times as well as the most hopeful of changes. A shift has occurred as my daughter has bravely transitioned into adulthood. I am, for the first time in 14 years, able to take meaningful time out and add charity to the well worn staples of faith and hope.

As I sit on my step in the warm breeze and think it all through, what stands out is those people, aside from my immediate family, who have made our struggles bearable. Those who have parented my daughter when I could not have gone it alone. A cast of “extras” whose very real and huge importance is often missing in our story and whose charity is humbling in its tenacity.

I risk embarrassing them in cyberspace public but this is our Spring awards ceremony (no speeches required) ;

Claudia AKA Mum/Fixer/Protector

Blown into our lives like an angel right from the start. The patience of a woodland deer and the strength of an ox. There every single step of the way. Mothering through madness and badness and everything that could be thrown at her, both literally and metaphorically. Unrecognised by the social services as the key factor in our survival and humble in her demands for recognition.
We would like to award her the prize for dogged loyalty and pure love in the face of extreme challenge.

David AKA Dad/Head-teacher/Brother

Despite not being the “fatherly” type he generously took on the voluntary role of a gentle parent. A fine example of a reliable male role model, teaching equality with the joys of music and artistic expression. Following us whenever we moved and committing to the bigger picture without question.
We would like to award him the prize of loyal sensitive soul brother.

Krissi AKA Big Sister/Therapist/Leveller

She first started supporting us as a fifteen year old volunteer. She meant I got to have a coffee with a friend, a haircut or a long bath. She meant my daughter felt understood and safe. Wise before her time she ‘got it’ without any training. Now a married woman, a scholar and a mum herself she has taught me a thing or two over the years. Another unsung hero who has saved the state a fortune in care costs.
We would like to present her with the real life superhero award.

Andi AKA Uncle/Bodyguard/Wise Owl

A long term and loving friend who has walked beside me for over twenty years. A rock in a hard place and the one who can always make us laugh, even when it’s gone a bit tragic. The maker of hearty meals and the holder of hands. A mentor and teacher in the school of ‘all will be ok’
We would like to award him the always there (with a cheeky grin) in a crisis trophy.

As we all branch out to support others who are on the adoption journey and tackle some of the questionable parts of the system, I am hoping and believing, that as a team, we can offer faith, hope and charity in great big lovely bucketfuls.

4 thoughts on “Faith Hope and Charity

  1. What a lovely way to honour those who’ve joined you on your journey.

    Thank you for sharing with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

  2. Gorgeous in every way. What an amazing group of friends you have, but I’m sure that has everything to do with how wonderful you are. This is a fitting way to acknowledge them.

    Thank you for sharing in the Weekly Adoption Shout Out. xx

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