My name is Jazz…



My blog number 5

When I was 5 I met one  of my best friends Emma and then my utter best friend Erin. we us to go to festivals and play. we ran a cafe and we used to help. I used to bee ridding my bmx with shaved hire saying I’m a f**** wild child and making Emma and Erin lave.

I us to play beet them up and hurt them I still do to this day but I dot mean to I’m only messing. as we got older we do grown ups things like shopping going for coffees and going round one and another houses.

I remember when Emma came to my new house the one I told u about last week and she said I got to learn to nit. I said what do u mean and she said I’m  pregnant. i started to cry my eyes out but we went closer.

me and Erin went to spain to Ibiza we had a grate time but I had a panic  attack and didn’t sleep for a week it was because of been navers about been 18.

But when it came I neely wet my self because I got my new phone which was a massive trust step because I had loads of phones before and got them taken a way because i us to rang 999.

me and my friends went on a speed boat and went to the beach and drink coctails and eat. we had lollies and sun baths and went in the sea and then we went back to the viler and a had a barbquw.

we had vodka jellys and shampain and then me and my friends got redy and then we went to space club.

I had vodka and orange then we danced. then me and my mum and Claudia went back to the viler and went to bed but I couldn’t sleep so I went in the pool. i was narked and my fiends stared to come back and so i ran back in to the viler and dove in to bed so thay didnt-see!

a cupel of days later we went back to Britten and I moved in to my new house which u all no.

this what I like to do when it is Summer.

When the sun is shining I like to go and put my shorts on and a vest and flip flops and bee like a spring lamb. then I put my head phones on and I fell prowd.  I like to go in to town in my boy racer car and do crusing and show off.

I look at the fit girls and boys and wink at them and blare music out.

I also like to do gardning and walking the dogs and going for barbecues and playing football and and show of my body because I’m a swell head. happy days Ha ha!


3 thoughts on “My name is Jazz…

  1. I love your blog Jazz , My girls also got scared about getting to 18 and went a bit wild . I think they thought mum wouldn’t be there anymore . Just like your mum I am still there ,I have eyes in the back of my head and even when I am not with them i will always know what mischief they are up too. Bet your mum does too . Keep writing you are an inspiration to other adoptees .

  2. It’s great to read a bit more about the things you like to do. When I was your age I used to like ‘garrying’ as we called it – driving around with the windows down and my music playing loud!

    Thanks for linking your post up to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

  3. So much to say, really great post. Firstly I’m a bit jealous because I’ve always wanted to go to Ibiza but I’ve never been. Sounds like you had a great time celebrating your eighteenth birthday. I can understand you being afraid it’s a huge milestone in your life, but you’ve managed it and are now doing great. Sounds like you know what you like to do to have fun…oh to be eighteen again.

    Thanks for sharing on the weekly Adoption shout Out. x

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