Early Years And Early Dreams



Very soon after meeting Jazz I fell for her scraggy head, beautiful smile and adventurous bravery.

Despite being completely full on and challenging to parent she could always make me laugh. Partly because of her wit and humour we have always moved on from difficult patches very quickly and tomorrow is always a new day.

Our first holiday together was in Southern Ireland where we hired a horse drawn caravan. It was a hilarious road trip from the start and she was full of joy and curious excitement. She thrived with the responsibility for our massive horse Papa whom she fearlessly led, drove, fed and cleaned.
The slow slow pace was perfect for us and the peaceful nights round a campfire were bliss.

On this magical holiday, nearly a year after we first met, Jazz sang nearly all the time and drew lots. One night after a blissful day parked up in fields beside a deserted beach, she drew her first face with a smile rather than no mouth or a flat line. It was a subtle little thing that an average family may not have to note or celebrate, but it made me so very very happy.

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