My name is Jazz…



My blog number 7


When i was five and up I wasent aloud Facebook or twitter because its an 18 years old site.

But when I was going out in the real world I usto get rally annoyed because thay usto bee on face book or playing army games and it usto bee rally irating
I would bee putting on a brave face on like I said last week but I just fell rally Jelluls.

but then me and my mum would have a talk about it but some times
I will kick off Wich is horibal for my mum because she stars to fell quilted
for not letting me Wich is not nice for
Me or her.

when I see 13 to 18 yard old people holding hans kissing in the rain or in the snow like Spider-Man It marks me rally Jesus because I would do Ey thing to do that or have that.

now I’ve got Facebook but to walk down holding my love of my live hand and one day getting down on one leg in a hot tub saying will u marry me and been a mum/dad lol it will be the most perfect thing ever and i would fell prowd.

I some times Feel its because I’ve got specially needs In a sense like with my echamont desorda or am I rally ugley or would it bee ease to bee a boy and to shave all of my hair of but then I look at some pictures of me and I think Im looking rally fit pictkeley when I’m cruising with my cap backwards and with my eye brow shaved and the side of my head shaved to. I think that skally look is rally cool.

I think Facebook is reely good and reely bad for teenagers.


photo (9)

2 thoughts on “My name is Jazz…

  1. I love that photo of you in the car Jazz. Facebook is good and bad at the same time for all sorts of reasons for young people and for adults. I often wonder what life would be life if Facebook had never existed?!

    Thanks for linking up with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

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