My name is Jazz…



My blog number 8


When I was a baby I think I was left hungry so when I was adopted mummy bear gave me a tin with food in it like
Fruit and bisects and stuff so I new I always had food.

If I get hungry I get rally upset and moody and angry I never like been hungry.

But them I got some meds
that mack me rally hungry all the time and it rally upsets me because when I was 5/15 I was fit and had a rally mussily body.

now I’m not fit and mussily but I will all ways love food but I rally dot like salad never have done never will lol!

my favourite helfey food is artichok and not helfey food is chip tea.

Me getting caught stealing food lol!


4 thoughts on “My name is Jazz…

  1. I used to have a really muscley body that I was proud of. Alas, I also like to eat and now that body’s kind of buried under, well, more body. I’ll admit I like a nice salad, too, though 😉

  2. I love chips too…but they make my body go wobbly. I’d rather not have the wobbly bits, but I wouldn’t want to give up chips!
    Thanks for linking with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

  3. Good to have your contribution to our food topic. I think chips are lots of people’s favourite but I’m impressed with your love of artichokes.

    Thanks for joining in The Weekly Adoption Shout Out.

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