My Name Is Jazz

My blog number 9



When I was five I met one of my best friends Emma and she has stuck bay me non stop when I got hurt she was sticking bay me pushing me thorugh it but when she was haveing  a tuff time I was the same back.

my other best friend is Erin I met when I was eight. She is the same as me in some ways.
And we all stick to getter but now we are all rally good mates one of them just had a baby girl calld poppy she is a buttefull little thing I could have as a niece and my other best friend has just got engage Whooooo!!!!!

When we wear all little we usto play and mack plays up and we usto go to festivals and we usto help run the La rosa cafe it was grate fun and we been to see bands together.

Emma is the oldit’s then Erin then me but I like to think I’m top dog lol !!

I also like to think I’m their little brother haaaa!!!! Emma cols me uncle/anty Jazz to her baby poppy.

but the hard it’s thing about haveing them is crying in front of them but thay seen me cry and I seem Emma cry And Erin and it horibl but it good to let go. we never fallen out for long.

Here are all good bits off haveing friends

1. Felling loved and u fell that u love them back
2 all init together
3 protecting one and uther
4 been friends on Facebook
5 Been loyl to one anuther
6 playing together
7 crying together
8 texting one and uther
9. Felling prowd of one anuther
10 all ways been together no matter what

 I fell rally prowd to bee ther friend and grow up together.


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