My Name is Jazz

blog number 10

when I was little I got taken away from my mum and dad and got put in lots of different foster homes and my last foster dad died.

So when mummy bear came to my foster mums and tuck me home with her
it was hard for my mum to go out with her friends because she had me at five years old and I found it hard to let go because all the shit that happened before all got stuck into my head. I guess I was pretty fuck up i think I throat she was not coming back or getting rally drunk.

I all ways felt Guilty for that because it is porsesiv but I never meant it in that way.

when I was 18 as u all no I moved up to my new house and I went to get a tattoo for my mum and it also was for to to keep going and knowing the fact u have got to have hopes.

my new sport workers was starting and because he was a boy I was terfind because of what happens to me when I was 16. I thort he was going to be a rally horribel guy but he wasent.

But he dissent work with us Ey more and we got a new person but it hard for me because I fell I cart be my self yet because she a girl and I think like a boy and fell I have to impress her like a peecox or a cemelion.

this week has been rally hard because I had to say bay to my dog Madge and we war best friends and mum had to go to London. and its the first time I have said goodbye and it is the first great time I have coppt with goodbye or death on my on and I’m not saying it was easy because it wasnt at all. I cry for a hour and more but it was the kindist thing u could do.

my faveent saying at the moment is

bigger better stronger power

Madge and Me

Madge and Me

2 thoughts on “Goodbyes

  1. Oh Jazz I’m so sorry about Madge, that is really sad. It is hard saying good bye to those we love, I had a cat that died and it made me so sad, I cried for days, so I understand. Sounds like you have coped very well, all things considered. Sounds like you are learning to cope with lots of things more and more.

    Thanks for joining the Weekly Adoption Shout Out. xx

  2. I’m sorry about Madge Jazz. I’ve had to say goodbye to 4 dogs and it’s so hard. But yes, sometimes it’s the kindest thing you can do. Well done for coping with it on your own whilst mummy bear went to London.
    Thanks for linking up to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

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