My Name Is Jazz: Adopted and With Support Workers

When I was little I didn’t fell as angry about it as I do now. why do I fell angry about been adopted and having sport workers now? because I sometimes rally angry with my berth mum because I felt she could of done a lot more than she did and try’s hard than she did and I went 2 lots of foster home and then mummy bear came.

And I love her a lot but I rally do crave my berth family because I sometimes fell like I got rejected and my mum Dislike me and I was the worst kid in the would and I sum times think would the boys my bros would had a mum and dad if i wasn’t born but then mummy bear would ent off had me and all my sport workers and my 5 best mates Emma Erin Johnny Andi kris Kat but I fell when I go out with my sport workers its obvious because of the why I look and act and I rally dislike that and what macks it more obvious is when mummy bear and berth mum and me are out its obvious because is Bracingly obvious that I’m not mummy bears because I look like my berth mum and when I with my berth mum in town Its rally embarrasses me because it’s herts because I rally won’t 2 be down with the kids and just herts because I’m not and its her she is a FUCKING failure and if she tried harder I wouldnt be in the torn felling.

I love mummy bear so much but I just won’t 2 walk down the street with out felling its obvious that I’m adopted or I’ve got a disorder. I love my bros so much and I’m a bit sick off not seeing them every day. I want to fell like we a Normal family. with my sport workers I like the young ones so it look like we r a big gang off dudes and I rally won’t a boyfriend how loves me and will Treat me right or a girl and I will do that back four them. But then I look on the bright side off live and think I’m rally lucky That I’m not in children’s home with no one or in prison or a drug addict or a Nasty person

The end

5 thoughts on “My Name Is Jazz: Adopted and With Support Workers

  1. What shines through in everything you write is that you are strong and a survivor and definitely not a nasty person! And that you have a great family around you. Not a traditional family, but a great one…

  2. Jazz I love your writing. You’re clearly a good person and you write from the heart. Reading what you write helps me think about how I can be a great parent. Thanks 🙂

  3. Dear Jazz, Thank you so much for sharing from your heart! You’re words are really special to me – they’re helping me to understand how I feel sometimes about my own brothers and sisters, and my birth-mum, because I read what you’ve said and think, “Wow! – me too. I feel like that!”

    Your words help me to think about what my little girl could be going through and why it’s so hard to know how we can support her, just like your support workers. I think everyone who works with children and young people should get to know about complicated feelings like this. And you’re doing a fantastic job just letting people know.

  4. Sounds like you want what all of us want Jazz: to be accepted and loved and feel that we belong. I hate to break it to you, but that’s normal;)
    (So glad that adopted parents like me are connected to articulate adoptees like you so you can let us know what it all feels like. Thank you.)

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