In the Summer downtime seems to go out the window. With our campsite in full swing and everyone on their annual leave, every day is like a whirlwind. Trying to juggle work, our charity and parenting stretches me to the limit. It’s never been said of me however that I don’t like a challenge! So although downtime is a foreign concept to me right now I just pack my days full of work and fun with Jazz and dream of the Autumn and future times of stillness and snuggling.





One Of Those Weeks

I Will Be Calm TomorrowIt’s been one of those weeks in an adopted family. The ones we all have. Everything went wonky and I feel as though I am living four lives all at the same time. It’s 11.52pm on Sunday and I had a great blog planned for The Weekly Adoption Shout Out. Instead all I can do is add a nice photo and know that that’s OK!