All About Us Aboard The Train

I am an adoptive Mum and long term foster Mum of sixteen years. The children I have supported were hugely traumatised and despite having reached adult age, still rely heavily on that support.

I am sharing our story to give hope, move people to anger and to make people laugh. My daughter, now an adult adoptee also wishes to be heard and so she shall! Her brother, my foster son, doesn’t want to be seen much but we shall carry his voice through our stories.

I am a firm believer in the support of adopted people and adoptive families, but am equally committed to supporting the rights of birth families and kinship carers.

I am the Founder of The Open Nest charity which is currently in development to provide post adoption support. I am very interested in promoting individuals and companies who feel they could teach us a thing or too, or feel that through sharing links and knowledge, we could grow stronger.

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In it together…













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