My name is Jazz…



My daughter wants to have her voice but is worried due to her severe dyslexia that people will, in her own words, ‘think I am stupid or thick’. She is neither and editing of her words as she writes affects the flow and concentration. I  have told her not to worry.

Here is the first part of her story. The music she has chosen comes from her emotions playlist. Jazz has always communicated through music. This week’s track sums up her negative feelings towards the system that has generally failed her.

My name is Jazz…

jazz desk

i was born in July.

i was tacen a way fome my berth mum when was 4 years old.

as the ss touk me away thay bangd my head on the door i got told bay my dad i was begging he to let me stay i pobley dident undersand way but my body will have i love them still to this day i was fosta bay fost mum and dad he was in the posest off dieing i rember to this day how much he ment to i was the favent he was like a popper dad and she was a prroper mum one of my merrise is hime saveing i can still smeil that smeil to this day

i met mummy bear when i was five i rember the day i felt a lot of diffent things

i felt happy and seked i was testing out a bit to much i gess i was prettey fuck up exsuse my langwich when she came to meet me we sticjk the touns out at ech uther we went to the park it was autam i spite in her face i guss i was testing her i bit to much.

i rember the ferst time i staid at my mummy bears house i had a yellow room with a moon light on the wall nexst to my bed wich had a winney poo dovey cover on it i lots off toys i no that moment i was loved we had lesaner for tea it was like ive been the size i was a baby i went back to my fosta mums and dads i cart rember if i cride or not then i had to say bay to my fosta dad i rember going to hotibal i goit him a card and some cholattes it was a siad day but i wont of undersand i was onlkey 5 so quite quickly i moved in with mummy bear because my fosta dad had died

5 thoughts on “My name is Jazz…

  1. Reading and listening the tears are rolling down my face. Sometimes the harder life is the more beautiful I find it. Because people are amazing and resourceful and powerful beyond their own realization, and they win against the odds; people like you Baby Bear. You shine out from these words brighter than the highest star, and the world is a better place for having your light fall upon it. Thank you for sharing your story.

    CHT will be touched deeply by the bit about smell, as it is the thing she wishes for most – to smell her mum and dad. With much love from us both – M and CHT xx

    • Hello there thanks for your comment it pulled on my heart strings. I hope it help CHT Ey way . I have always use smell . A lot . I hite it when my mum chagis her smell
      One again thanks
      Love jazz x

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  3. Hi Jazz really moving post from you again. Lots of memories and some very painful and I’m sure hard for you to share. So thank you greatly for being so braving and letting us into your world. Loving the music too. xx

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