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When I was 8 I met my berth mum and dad. It was a very hart pulling day. I ran up to my mum showting mummy I cried a lot. It was for all of us.

why was it upsetting?

because the ss said loads of horibiail thing about my mum and dad but pitikicley her.

We met in my home town which was hull we met at a a hotel we went for some lunch and then we went to get a bubble gum mashsean. I loved it I’ve been seing my mum and dad for 10 years.

How duse it mack me feell?

It’s a very mix fellings because some times I hite her but utther times I love her to bits. she can be a pain in the back side when se wont to bee when I see her it brings fellings Up fellind like why I’m a adopid.
See seams like a very nice person but then I look at her then I understand why. But the fellings like Duse she still love me? And Im I still her little girl? When she goes I some times get Vialent it mack me fell very mad.

Why do I get vialent?

because it brings up very hobble things up like haveing Flash backs of her been not very nice but I just try and put my brave face but peopel like my adopid mum No that some think isent right

Do I regrt meting her?

some times ya but the I look at her little face. Then I smile the I think no. I don’t regret meting her because I look and think she got the problem not me I’m like the mum .

But I just tink some times mummy bear is my rall mum I love them both very much.

The end

3 thoughts on “My name is Jazz…

  1. Thanks for sharing this all Jazz. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be when you feel angry at your birth mum, but you want to put on a brave face. It’s great that Mummy Bear knows you so well and can support you.

    I’m really pleased that you linked your post up to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out and I very much look forward to reading more of your posts x

  2. So brave of you to share your feels with us Jazz, thank you. It must be very hard when you have so many feelings about your life, that it’s not surprising you sometimes feel so angry and frustrated. Sounds to me like you’re doing really well and know that Mummy Bear is their to help you when you need her.
    Welcome to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out and I hope we see you here again sometime.

  3. CHT says her ‘real mum’ is whichever one she is thinking about at the moment. She will never get to meet her Mum now as she died, but we will meet her Dad soon.

    I think you have lots of great advice – and more importantly ‘me too’ experience – to help her. There is nothing better than knowing someone else understands.
    Thank you for being brave enough to share. the best kind of brave – the brave where we can show our real faces, not the one where we hide our feelings. i like your brave, real face; you have nothing to be scared of in sharing your feelings because you are an awesome woman. Love Mx

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